SWP - Recycle More timetable

On 31st July, Somerset Waste Board agreed a new timetable for the introduction of Recycle More.

The service will be launched in October 2020 in MENDIP ONLY, coming to the rest of the county in three phases over the following 18 months. Information on Recycle More will be updated and expanded.


Recycle More is the next big leap forward to drive up recycling.

It will add new materials to weekly recycling collections: household and food plastic pots, tubs and trays; food and drink cartons; small household batteries; and small electrical items.

With so much more recycled each week, rubbish will be collected every three weeks. Extra advice and support will be available for families using nappies and similar hygiene products.

Recycle More will roll out across the county in phases, starting with all households in Mendip in Phase 1, all household in South Somerset in Phase 2, and all households in Sedgemoor and Somerset Waste and Taunton in Phase 3 and Phase 4.

All residents will be sent full information well ahead of the change in their area.

Garden waste and clinical waste collections remain unchanged.

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