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PCSO 7675 Sam Piers

I’m sorry that it’s been a while since you last heard from me but I have just returned from a long period of sickness, but I’m back!

There is some good news to share with you all. I am pleased to announce that we have had a change in our working practices and we are now having a PC Beat Manager back working on designated beats. I would like to welcome PC 2357 Tracey Jones as our Beat Manager. We have also been joined by PCSO 8338 Steve Hemmett. Our new team look forward to working with you all. (Contact details enclosed).

Covid has made a lot of difference to our working world and to our local communities. Brean is all closed up which seems very odd. We thank Lympsham Pavilion for their efforts for the Thursday ‘night clap for carers and keyworkers’ which is mirrored through many of the villages. We thank our friends at Brent Knoll Girl Guiding, their little Rainbow’s coloured in pillow cases and donated them to our team to use a laundry bags so that our uniform doesn’t contaminate other household washing. They also have made a beautiful ‘Thankyou’ sign which can been seen at the top end of Brent Street. We thank all our communities for your continued support it is really appreciated.

I have asked both Tracey and Steve to write a short paragraph introducing themselves so here you are.

PC 2357 Tracey Jones

Hello, My name is Tracey Jones and I have been a Police Officer for 20 years. I started my career in Bridgwater and for the last 18 years I have worked within the Burnham and Cheddar Area. Recently the Constabulary has piloted a trial with our PCSO’s running all the Beats including our Beat which is the North West. This year it has been decided that Police Officers will be brought back to the Beats to assist and offer guidance where needed. I am looking forward to this new challenge, my new Beat and working with new Colleagues. Initial contact will still be your PCSO’s with me as your second point of contact.

This year has brought us all many challenges with Covid-19 still very much at the forefront. I wish you all good health and safe times.

PCSO 8338 Steve Hemmett

My Name is Steve Hemmett, I have been a PCSO since December 2019.

Since 2004 I have worked in the care sector, I have a degree in bereavement counselling and also advanced counselling within the addiction sector.

I am registered with the care quality commission as a registered mental health manager and also have 5 years hands on working with people with brain injuries.

I am still very new to my role within Avon and Somerset constabulary but feel the experience from my previous employment and life skills will prove invaluable within my role as a PCSO.

Thought for the month

Don’t forget if you are working in your garden or enjoying the sunshine over a nice cup of tea in the garden. Make sure your front door/windows are closed and locked and vice versa if you are in the front garden. Unfortunately opportunists do try their luck and commit walk in burglaries! Let’s not make it easy from them. Thankfully we haven’t had any reported issues in our area.

Thank you for your continued support.

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