Parking - the perpetual problem!

One of the reoccurring concerns raised by residents to the Parish Council is inconsiderate parking along Old Main Road, particularly near the junction of Monmouth Farm Close.

On regular occasions significant numbers of cars are parked along both sides of the road, significantly narrowing the available road width along Old Main Road. At times the available road becomes so narrow that larger vehicles, and this could potentially include emergency response vehicles, really struggle to pass through, and have even been known to have to turn back.

When Old Main Road is effectively turned into a single-track road, and the sight lines of those exiting from Monmouth Farm Close are impeded by cars parked right up to the junction, the chances of an accident occurring are significantly increased and it is felt that it is only matter of time before a serious collision occurs.

Pawlett Parish Council has tried on many occasions to engage with Highways in an attempt to implement a solution to this problem, but as yet the answer still has to be arrived upon.

The Parish Council is acutely aware of the lack of parking at many properties and businesses in the village and acknowledges that cars, and their associated parking needs, are a necessary part of village life.

However, this is a plea from Pawlett Parish Council to please consider the needs of other road users and pedestrians in the area and carefully consider the impact that your vehicle could be causing before you lock up and leave!

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