Introducing the Sedgemoor Carers Agent

My name is Lauren Giddins and I am the Sedgemoor Carers Agent with the Somerset Carers Service.

If you regularly look after someone in a caring capacity, this may be a family member or friend, I can support you with advice and guidance. I can link you to groups and events happening in your area and I can also find information that will help you and the person you are caring for.

You can refer yourself to our service by calling 08003168600 or emailing

Alternatively you can contact me directly on 0749488379 or emailing For any further information you can visit our website

As the winter season fast approaches it is a good time to think about our neighbours within our community.

Loneliness is an ongoing problem in our communities and it is important to look out for and consider those who may be lonely near you. Do you have an elderly or isolated neighbour who would welcome a knock on the door, a friendly chat, an offer of some shopping? Often when we get to know our neighbours we can signpost them to support that is in the community such as their local church, community centres, village halls and of course their Village Agent.

Do you know neighbours who are struggling to manage caring for their loved one? They can refer themselves to the Somerset Carers Service where a Carers Agent can visit them in the privacy of their own home and support them in their role as a carer, sometimes people don’t realise they are a carer and so a gentle reminder of the support they are giving to their loved one and how they can get help with this is a positive to enable them to continue in their role but also looking after themselves. The Somerset Carers Service has a dedicated Freephone helpline that anyone can call Monday to Friday during office hours – 0800 31 68 600 –

If you are feeling isolated try to get involved in what is available locally in your community especially as Christmas approaches and extra events are happening, that way you can build relationships and support within your community into the future.

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