Sedgemoor Waste Collection Round Restructure

In the week commencing Monday 16th April Kier, working with Somerset Waste Partnership, will be restructuring the collection rounds in the Sedgemoor area. This will affect recycling, refuse and garden waste collections. This may mean different vehicles serving different routes and some roads switching from one collection round to another.

Why are we doing this?

This needs to happen every few years as new properties are developed and populations grow in different parts of the district. It means collection routes are remapped, so the workload is evenly spread and services continue to run efficiently. If we did not do this some rounds would, over time, become too big for the vehicles servicing them to cope.

What difference will this make to householders?

Most residents will probably not notice changes. Some will notice their collections happen earlier or later than usual. A small number (around 2500 properties in total) will have their collection day changed. All of these properties will receive a letter informing them of their new collection days (sample attached – this is an example only and days can vary), along with a calendar showing collection dates for the rest of the year.

How has this been planned and communicated?

These changes have been carefully managed by Kier’s dedicated planning team, and thoroughly scrutinised by SWP officers.

As well as letters to residents whose collection days will change, in the week before the changes SWP will issue media releases and social media updates reminding everyone of the importance of having their waste out ready for collection by 7am on their scheduled collection day.

How will quality be maintained?

This has been a carefully managed process and we do not expect significant issues, however as a precautionary measure SWP officers and Kier supervisors will be in the district throughout the fortnight of the first new collection cycle, monitoring collections and ensuring quality standards are maintained.

Key messages for residents:

· Please follow SWPs standard advice and always have waste out by 7am, as collection times can vary.

· If you have not received a letter your collection day will not change.

Enquiries about waste services should be directed to the District Council Customer Services team in the first instance:

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