Q & A session postponed

Unfortunately, the planned Springfield Close Q & A session for 19th December has had to be postponed as Stonewater are unable to provide a representative to attend.

Esther Carter, from SDC, had kindly offered to pass on Stonewater’s responses to the submitted question, but as the majority of the questions were directed to Stonewater and concerned the selection process, it was considered better that the answers were delivered directly by a Stonewater representative.

It is intended to now hold the session in January, probably immediately prior to the PC meeting on the 16th, but this will be confirmed in due course. Any questions that have already been submitted to the clerk will still stand so there is no need to re-submit them.

It is understandably disappointing that meeting has had to be postponed but a meeting with representatives from both involved parties present will ultimately prove far more constructive than continuing ahead with simply reading out written responses from Stonewater.

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