The people are more important than the building, cherished and cared for as it is.  There is a friendly congregation and a lively Junior Church.  We enjoy excellent relations with our Parish Church and are doing more and more together as part of the Christian community in the village.  We are glad that our buildings are well used by the Pawlett Pre-School and other local groups.


Methodist origins in the Pawlett area go back to 1803 when a house belonging to Joel Attwell of Stretcholt was registered as a place of religious worship. In 1810 worship was transferred to the home of John Carter, also of Stretcholt, after whom the present church is named.  In 1852 land was set aside on Pawlett Hill for a chapel to be built, which was completed in 1855.  The stone building was square with a thatched roof, and a stable at the rear for the visiting preacher’s horse.


50 years later a more adequate building was commissioned, to be called the Carter Memorial Wesleyan Chapel.  It was opened in 1902, apparently in the presence of a congregation of 450, most of who, presumably, had to stand outside! The plot of land cost £10 – how times have changed.  In 1938 a hall and kitchen were added, forming the building you see now.


Please feel free to join us at any of our services and activities

Sunday Service and Junior Church - 11.00am

Evening and other services - by announcement

Methodist Church

Chapel Road

The Church is registered for marriages. Contact the minister.


Minister: Rev. Christopher Brown ................. (01278) 426616

Steward: Robin Hutt....................................... (01278) 685022

Junior Church leader: Val Pearson.................(01278) 684575